My tractor brings all the girls to the yard

So this morning, I got the mulch kit installed on the new steed. Six speeds? Yeah, I got that. Mulch, bag, discharge? Yeah, I got that, too.

I decided to take it for a test spin in the back yard. First up, Merrin was peeking out the window. I just layed the seat back…cruisin’…pimpin’…big ballin’. Next thing I know, some redhead is literally jumping the fence to get a look at Daddy’s ride. Yeah, baby…completely shagadelic!

At this point, I’m thinking…time to lay the hammer down on this thing, so I put all 15½hp to blade spinning. I got the front and back finished in about an hour. (To be honest, it could have been done a little quicker, but I was having too much fun doing hot laps around the yard!)

Yeah, having a tractor rocks. 😉

5 thoughts on “My tractor brings all the girls to the yard”

  1. Where I’m from, south of Houston, we have a little more than an acre. As such, we’ve always had a riding tractor. I’ve always looked on it with a certain amount of disdain, if not only for its equation with work. But, if you haven’t had one for a while, I can see where it might cause some joy. The air on the Mound must be different than that of the rest of the metroplex, because you guys just make me laugh sometimes. =)

  2. You have to kinda understand that the tractor *might* be overkill. I’ve got about a lot & a half – perhaps close to two lots worth of yard. It’s..a lot. 🙂

    As far as the air being different, I don’t think we have a burn ban. So, our new neighbors are always…burning…something. I’ve had the munchies since they moved in. Weird.

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