Man Lotion

Ever since I installed the tile floor this past weekend, my hands have been dry and cracking. I have been advised that this is “not a good thing”, and it hurts like a mo-fo, too.

Some of the ladies in the office have hand lotion I could borrow, but I’m hesitant to do so because…well…it smells really girly. Avon, Bath&Body, and Origions all have their place in the world, but I don’t need girly lotion. I need some man lotion. I raided the hotel stock found some lotion this morning, but I need to know what decent “man lotions” there are out there.

While I think this is just a passing thing, I can’t be going around smelling like “Sweet Pea Lotion” on a consistent basis. Who makes a good man lotion?

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  1. Calling it man lotion, is just…well…I don’t know. Freaky.

    Try Lubriderm. It is just a regular lotion you buy at the grocery store. I’ll bring some to the house tonight for you to try. It really helped my skin when I got back from Vail – something no other lotion seemed to be doing.

  2. My grandfather was a brick mason for more than 50 years. He swears by Corn Husker’s lotion (clear bottle – opaque unscented liquid – yellow and green label). He has concrete poisoning in his hands and that’s the only stuff that can help according to him.

    My dad (who works retail so he’s got no heavy-duty lotion needs) uses Zim’s Crack Cream. It has a clove scent.

  3. You know, Kevin, I’ve heard it said that there’s only one thing a real man needs lotion for.

    Not that I buy into that theory — Cornhusker’s is good stuff.

  4. Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! Anybody else got a suggestion?

    Corey -> I don’t even want to know what the “flavored kind” means. 😉

  5. See?! Lubriderm kicks butt! I use Advanced Therapy for Extra Dry Skin. I’m tellin ya…I was scaly for a couple of weeks after getting back from Vail, but as soon as I started using this lotion, my skin was better than ever within a week.

  6. You might give Goldbond a try, although, it’s quite smelly, but not stink smelly, just smelly. Oh, medicinal smelly.

    Now that I’ve given my 2, as in 2 cents, I’m going to take that advice on Lubriderm for a scaly person I know…No, not me. I’d rather use Satsuma lotion.

    Yep. I have to say that Man Lotion sounds dubious.


  7. Bath and Body works has a line of lotions for men, My wife gets it for me sad day when she came home and made me try it, tell you the truth no girly smell

  8. i typically use gojo w/extra pummice… maybe a quick splash of wd40… and sometimes a followup with homebrewed mix of mercury and hydrochloric acid… …

  9. FYI for men it is called “hand salve”…. ok with that out of the way… Corn Huskers sounds good. Central Market has a good selection of these at the checkout.

  10. I make soap and lotion. I could make you your very own man lotion in almost any fragrance you choose. (Should I add “man lotion” to my new soap line? Ohhh… that would be good!)

    If you want commercial, I recommend Eucerin Cream. Thicker than the lotion, it will heal you right up!

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