Luke…I am your father.

Kick ass! The ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy releases on DVD in September. The “original” movies (now 4, 5, and 6 in the series) will release as part of a four disc DVD set with a special features DVD that will include some Lucas commentary and never-before-seen goodies.

The boxed set will contain the special editions of the “Star Wars” trilogy released in the late 1990s and not the original theatrical versions. “What George did in 1997,” when he released the special edition, “was make the movie he originally wanted to make,” but in 1977 “he didn’t have the technology available.”

Anyone seen the link to order the box set? I checked amazon and I don’t see anything yet.

3 thoughts on “Luke…I am your father.”

  1. While I’m really , really glad they are release them on DVD. I wish that they would release the orginal orginals on DVD. The SE was good the changes were well done, but still its not the same. Give me the good, the bad and the ugly… Of course this probably means there well be another box set later on, I hope. Then a double super box set, i’m sure there is a plan in the LF camp.

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