Look at this! Can we go play?

There are some truly magical things about living in Texas. For example, it’s very cool that you can go almost any village/town/city anywhere in the world and instantly make friends by simply saying “Texas”. (This works better outside of NYC & Philly, btw). It’s also amazing that you can drive anywhere in the state, give a slight raised hand wave off the steering wheel and receive one in return. It’s a great little time passer on those Saturday trips. But one of the best parts about living in Texas is that — every once and a while — it just feels like home.

Today the ground is coated with a couple inches of powder white snow. Not just a light dusting, mind you, but legitimate, go make a snow-angel, build a snowman, snowball- fight quality snow.

I went outside early this morning to take a couple shots of the house. The neighbor’s kids were just waking up (I presume) and had just caught their first glimpse of last night’s wintry blessing. Standing on the sidewalk, I could hear their squeals from deep inside the house.

“Dad! Come look at this! Wow! Can we go play?!” they asked. I presume the Dad said it was okay, because their excited questions were quickly followed by even more squeals.

As I walked back in the house, with everything looking splendidly beautiful in the world around me, accompanied by the sound of happy children I realized…Texas feels a lot like home.

9 thoughts on “Look at this! Can we go play?”

  1. Of course being a Native Texan it is home to me. However, I will gladly welcome you into the circle. We can pretend your Native…no one will know. Except, we gotta figure out how to make you sound a little more “country”.

  2. Well, the accent-free Kevin is my native toungue. I lost my KY accent when we moved to Florida way-way back as a boy because no one in FL talked like a country-boy, ‘cept for me. So, I learned to talk without an accent. I’ve always had the slightest hint of a southern accent and I definitely use “southern” words, but most of it is nicely concealed somewhere deep inside.

    Now, when I get into full sales mode, you will sometimes see me break out the accent on purpose, depending on the client. Sometimes it’s just too easy not too.

    As this is year 10 in Texas, I consider myself a Texan…but getting to be an honorary “Native” is cool though. Y’all. 😉

  3. It is sooo pretty outside! The great news is that by Monday it will all be gone and the weather back in the 50’s. I am not a native Texas either but sometimes I just think that makes us appreciate it more! Have a great Valentines Day!


  4. That’s not native to those of us on the southeastern fringe of this Great State. I’ve only seen that much snow a couple of times in my almost *cough* 50 years on this Earth.

    It feels like home to me when I see water.

  5. Wasn’t it wonderful!!? ‘course, it’s all gone now (here in Austin). Thank goodness I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and set my alarm to wake up again at 6:30 a.m. I would have slept right through it!

    Your house looks beautiful! 🙂

  6. Got to love it…

    Got ya…. isn’t it time to have a snowball fight?

    And Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

  7. I lived in Texas for 6 years when I was growing up, and until recently, spent the whole rest of my life in Oklahoma. Same for my mother – all but 6 years spent in Oklahoma. We both always felt that Houston was our home after we lived there, though.

    Of course, we never got snow in Houston. Once we got about 1/2 inch, but that’s it.

    Now I’m in Iowa, and there’s still snow on the ground from December!

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