Here Hawkie, Hawkie, Hawkie

Via Karen (hee-hee): Hawk Feeds on Pigeons at Ohio Home Depot

First, can’t they shoo it out or get the hot dog guy to tempt it to come out? There’s always a hot dog guy front at Home Depot, isn’t there? Or is that Lowe’s? Whatever. What I mean is…hawks should like hot dogs. Or at least, I think they should.

Secondly, for obvious reasons, I think it’s really, really funny that the bird in question is a Cooper’s Hawk. I just wonder who’s side of the road the Home Depot is on. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Here Hawkie, Hawkie, Hawkie”

  1. I got two questions.

    What makes them think more pigeons won’t fly in the store? MIchael thinks that pigeons know there is a hawk inside. I’m not a bird person so is that true?

    Secondly, you are a customer and the hawk decides he is done with pigeons and attacks you for whatever reason, do you sue Home Depot or the Ohio DNR? And come on this is America, someone would sue.

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