Because it’s not on CNN yet

I am not a political blogger because (to be perfectly blunt) I really don’t want to spend my whole day arguing with people. Most people who know me also know where I come down politically – hence there is no reason for me to blog politics.

That being said, this is not on CNN (yet), but it is running as a “worldwide exclusive” on DrudgeReport. My summary:

The Kerry campaign is working frantically to counter a report that the Senator had an affair with an intern who once worked for the AP. Supposedly, she has “fled the country” at the request of the Kerry campaign. Time, Washington Post, ABCNews and the AP are all said to be putting the story together. The report is the reason that Dean officials say that he will stay in the race regardless of what happens in Wisconsin, despite his previous commitment to win or quit.

From the sound of things, this one could be a biggie. But, until it’s confirmed, it’s just an awful lot of smoke.

9 thoughts on “Because it’s not on CNN yet”

  1. Isn’t that a requirement these days to be a democrat in the White house? *dodges the plastic democrat bullets* 🙂 Just joking..

  2. Oh, you mean like Terry McAuliffe has with Bush’s National Guard record…

    …oh, wait… McAuliffe is a Democrat. The head democrat, in fact.

    Hmmm… there goes that theory. 🙂

  3. Drudge’s dredge doesn’t do diddly. EVERYbody’s on record that interns are in-play and fair game (well, not Republicans, but who ever paid attention to our mores unless it was one of our own that transgressed).

    But I digress…

    MSN published an anti-Bush “Where was GWB 30 years ago (and why doesn’t he keep all his pay stubs in his wallet?)” piece that (for a short time) conferred the Medal of Honor on John Effing Kerry. There is a Joseph Kerrey, LT.J.G. USNR that earned the MOH in Vietnam.

    As a function of that, I read a muli-part article in the Boston Globe that calls J Effing K’s military records into question also. Turns out Effing requested and was granted out of VN 6 months early, then requested and was granted out of the USN altogether – again 6mo early. Plus his COs questioned his judgement (in writing) more than once. Yeah, bring it on.

  4. Aw c’mon – I didn’t start the “Effing” thing – Kerry did. And he’s gonna hafta pay for it (with his wives’ money).
    Whether or not he destroyed one model XQJ-37 Nuclear Powered Pan-Sexual Oratal Plooker is for Ted “Jabba-the-Pub” Kennedy to decide.

    And Kevin, that’s why I try to restrict my poli-blogging to Dave’s little projects. You just happened to hit this button while it was hot.

  5. It’s all in good fun for me, Kev. Here, anyway. Over at my place, as you well know, the gloves come off from time to time.

    Actually, it might be more correct to say that some days I put the gloves on.

  6. I know. I know. I have no problems with y’all, because I “know” you. I’m gonna close comments, though, because by tomorrow we’ll have all kinds of folks over here that I don’t “know” ready to raise a ruckus.


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