About last night

OK. Time to implement the open (one-way) door policy here at ye ol’ blog de Kevin. About last night, 100% just blowing off steam and letting go a little with two great friends – Merrin (who happens to be my wife in addition to my best friend) and the nefarious nf0.

For those who asked, this was about my sales bonus. Apparently the calculations got messed up somewhere along the line (no finger pointing here), and I ended up getting a 10th or so of what I deserved, earned, and knew I had coming. That was on top of the historically tragic record of well-planned yet stunningly complete disasters we call Valentine’s Day. (Which – as best I recall – most of which have never seeped from inner consciousness to outward blog. Maybe one day.)

Well, last night I got the word that the checks were corrected and today would be the day I finally got what was due. So last night was a great release, complete with some rather outstanding rare to medium-rare Angus Ribeyes, grilled asparagus & zucchinis, and some fun wine.

Today, as promised, life has returned to a more proper rotation on my customary axis. So, for those that have wondered about why the blogging has been “geek speak” only for the past few weeks, consider yourself updated.

Thanks for the emails & comments. You guys are the best. Keep those fins up, y’all. It’s almost that time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “About last night”

  1. I guess taking the hit is excusable…*:D That you are entertaining, well, I can forgive for just about anything…Just take good care of Merrin for me…She is a sweeetheart! I know and I’m allll the way over here! Here=Island in the middle of nowhere.

    Speaking of Jimmy Buffont, I mean, Buffet, he was here not long ago and I missed the Whole Thing! As soon as I saw him jamming via picture in my newspaper, you know what two people I immediately thought of!*:)

    Be Good.

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