WTF?! Britney off the market?! and People Magazine are reporting that Britney Spears got married to a childhood sweetheart very early Saturday morning at a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, following a night of partying. The Las Vegas paper has the marriage license online.

According to her “people”, it was all just a joke that went too far and Spears is planning to have the marriage annulled.

How great would it be to have “people”? I mean, seriously, it would so kick ass to have “people”. I could have my “people” come online and say how that last post about having a garage sale was all in jest, or that “Kevin felt ill and, therefore, couldn’t finish doing his laundry. He should be back to normal soon.”

I need “people”. “People” rule!

4 thoughts on “WTF?! Britney off the market?!”

  1. If I had people, I’d be like, “Hey, get your bitchass of the couch and go to work for me. I want to watch bad daytime tv.”

  2. You want “People” humm? I’ll talk to my people and see what I can do for you…*;)
    BTW..I’ve a request:
    Did you watch the University of Hawaii play against the Houston Cougars? If so, what were your thoughts?

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