When the wife’s away

Since Merrin’s not home tonight, I have to fend for myself. Sometimes, I actually cook, but sometimes it’s fun to just eat things that you would otherwise have to answer too many questions about if your spouse was home.

I think I managed to eat 38 servings of Hot Dog Chili Sauce tonight. (Seriously, each can has like 19 servings!) It’s really not that filling as a meal, in and of itself. I’m still kinda hungry, but we’re all out of gummi bears. I think that would have made a nice dessert.

4 thoughts on “When the wife’s away”

  1. That’s funny! Did you eat it straight out of the can? Josh used to eat beans straight from the can if I wasn’t home or didn’t cook.

  2. Are you serious?! I wouldn’t eat that stuff out of the can. Dear Lord, girl! You gotta heat it. I can’t even imagine not heating it. That being said…I don’t feel so good.

  3. Wow. I used to eat baked beans right out of the can cold, in my single college days. If I did that again much, I would probably be single again 🙂 *Here’s some Pepto dude*

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