Whatdya mean it’s only Tuesday?!

I don’t know if I’m going to make it to Friday. This week is just dragging on like crazy. Some of the cool kids (Merrin, Josh, & Camille) all have Friday off. Since some of us actually have to work for a living, I will be putting in about a half day on Friday.

Then, we’re off to San Antonio for sangria, margaritas, who knows what else, tex-mex, and (as Camille pointed out) probably some rain. (Yeah, I expect to drink…alot.)

In a stroke of sheer idiocy, though, I have tempted fate completely by telling C that, “it can’t rain all day every day.” We shall see. For now, I’m afraid I’ll end up like Lt. Dan, strapped to a mast and screaming up at God, “You’ll never sink this ship!” To prove our sheer, utter geek-atude, I think Josh has agreed to bring along the GPS for some in-transit navigation help. (Who cares that it’s one straight road all the way?! I need to know our coordinates, man!) I’ve also packed up some CDs for our listening pleasure.

No doubt, we are certain to find the meaning of life (or at least the owner’s manual). One thing is for certain, though, the trip will certainly be blogged and photo’d (except for the turbo juicy “you can’t blog that” stuff).

In the meantime, it’s nice to see that I am still a genius.

2 thoughts on “Whatdya mean it’s only Tuesday?!”

  1. I use 14 links in a post and all you can think of is being kidnapped by Parrotheads?! Don’t make me break out the Miami Sound Machine.

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