Welcome to the Mound

Congratulations are in order for Camille and Josh! They have found a home and we’re all going to be neighbors. (When I say neighbors, I mean like share a backyard neighbors, not 10 minutes away neighbors!) I am so happy for them. As the future Mayor of The Mound, I’m so glad to have them here.

Their new house is so awesome. It’s already got all the little upgrades that we have been wanting to do to ours (flooring, landscaping, etc) so they are really going to be set. I don’t know if anyone has posted any pictures of it yet, but it really is great!

It’s really going to be nice having people we really, truly enjoy spending time with being so close. Maybe we’ll get to baby sit or have bbqs – all kinds of great stuff. And I can’t wait to be the first one to prank them in their new home! But first – I’m hoping we get to help them move! 🙂

Congrats Camille & Josh!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Mound”

  1. Of course you can help us move! Umm..wait. We’ll hire movers, so you can helps us direct the movers. And as for this prank you speak of. Remember, I’m pregnant. No pranks on the pregnant lady! I’ll post a pic later this week, after the inspection.

  2. Well in the words of Jimmy Buffett “I Have Found Me A Home”. That is if the inspection goes well. Can’t wait for that first wild game bbq either 🙂

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