The great garage sale of 2004

So Merrin has decided that she is going to have a big yard sale. She was watching some show on TLC (I think) and apparently the people were making quite a bit of money on emptying their (rather subtantially full) closets. In the meantime, I think I’ve just about convinced her that there’s this really big yard sale that happens worldwide everyday, so she’s going to try selling a few things over there.

I’m not sure we have enough stuff to sell to make $400-$500 likes she seems to believe we could. But, the whole yard sale thing got me thinking, though. I suggested that we could make more money planning yard sales than actually having one. For example, I could put a sign at the front of the neighborhood and 50+ families would see it everyday. I throw a website on their and we organize a neighborhood yard sale. Maybe we charge $5-$10 to each family for advertising, signage, and promotion. If you get 20 families in, then you might end up with $150 profit right off the top. Why would someone pay to participate? Well, maybe they don’t know when the garage sale is until the day of – hardly time to get your good stuff ready. $150 profit for just the admin work? Hmmm….

4 thoughts on “The great garage sale of 2004”

  1. Clean Sweep! Excuse me, Miss Merrin! I love them pansies!!! That Niecy delegates like noooobody’s b’ness!
    Girrrrl! OH, and Kevin–If I were a neighbor, I’d pay the admin cost of $5 to get in on the action. I, too, need a garage sale…Lotta crap…lotta crap. (I AM hanging my head in shame)

  2. I’m a Clean Sweep junkie! I’m with Merrin – if I get all the stuff hauled out, I could make a killing at a yard sale! And don’t forget to do what I did – offer to let people pay you with PayPal! Worked GREAT when I sold the crib!

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