Saving my nickels

With the new corporate headquarters of Brach’s Candy opening in Richardson this week, I’m saving all my nickels in hopes that they will have a sample area right there in the lobby.

Then I started thinking that, despite all the nickels I’ve saved for this occassion, I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve actually remembered to put a nickel in for the samples I’ve stolen tried. How do they ever make money on this scheme?!

All I know is any company that can make a candy orange slice and have the guts to make it look like legitimate fruit is OK by me. With 100% props and respect to Cindy, I think I’m going to download some wallpaper in honor of the new, local candy geniuses.

3 thoughts on “Saving my nickels”

  1. Not in my neck of the woods. Down here you can still get samples for a nickel in a lot of the stores. At least you could a few months ago. I’m ashamed I haven’t really shopped since Thanksgiving or so.

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