Saturdays were made for this!

Today is turning into a “pretty nice little Saturday“.

Merrin went to work this morning, so I slept in until about 9:00a. Then I got the new Mountain West Conference Football blog setup at Fanblogs. That left me about seven minutes to shower before meeting Merrin for lunch. It’s cool to pick your wife up from work for lunch. I got a haircut and later I think we’re going to hit Lowe’s for some home improvement.

What else is new? Robyn get’s a mention in Self Magazine’s February 2004 issue for the BoobieThon. Awesome! … There’s a moving fan in front of the Coopers future home, so that is indeed a great sign that Josh & Camille & Mini will be here soon! … The Outkast/Charlie Brown “Hey, Ya!” is still cracking me up. … Fanblogs has a new Mountain West Conference Football blog, so fans of Colorado State, Utah, Air Force, et al can rejoice. … Dasme has me thinking that maybe Mars isn’t the Red Planet after all. … Virginia is helping to expose the dirty liberal secret that taxing the rich doesn’t always work out. (Duh.) … Despite the fact that she could log in and post from anywhere in the world, I still have no idea if PT has hit the big one or not. … Pete is soliciting opinions for his new haircut. I’m personally thinking he should go with a 70’s era Don Henly afro or perhaps he should bend it like Beckham, or something. Or, maybe a really short clip like this dude. … LoneAggie and the wife are now homeowners. Congrats.

That’s about all I know for know. Have a great Saturday, y’all!

7 thoughts on “Saturdays were made for this!”

  1. Merrin’s gotta couple days off so she’s going to start the painting. I think this time it’s the front two bedrooms and (maybe) the guest bathroom. I’m pushing for the hallway, family room, and living room, too. We’ll see because *we might not have enough time*. ((Old School reference intended))

    And by “we”, I mean Merrin. That’s implied.

  2. And by moving “fan”, I mean that it seems to be oscillating. No, actually I meant moving “van”.

    ((Wives are so picky!))

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