Rather small announcement

I’ve mentioned this to a few people in passing, but I’m going to try to jump in full bore shortly.

Since I wasn’t the genius that came up with Dogster (where all the cool dogs have their webpages, of course!), I’m starting a new blog specifically geared at my profession – resort & hotel sales. It’s in development stages right now, but I do have a domain (which kinda makes it seem more like something I’m “doing” versus something I “plan to do”). While it won’t be that interesting to most folks (heck – it probably won’t be that interesting to me!), the aim is for blog to be step one in writing a book on the subject.

Since there aren’t really a lot books/websites specifically geared towards resort sales, I’m hopeful that someone will recognize the hole in the market and sweep up my book/blog with a big advance! It’s probably a pipe dream, but we’ll see. It’s just as likely that you’ll see another small announcement in a few months saying this idea sucks and I’ve abandonded it to become a famous shrimp boat captain!

That is all – resume normal life. 😉

5 thoughts on “Rather small announcement”

  1. Actually, as someone who is permanently looking for a vacation (yeah, I know I need to talk to you – we’re waiting for the bonus to come in before we make any plans) in any case, I personally would like to read about different places to go etc… Unless I didn’t get what the point of the new blog was… in which case… uhm… nevermind! 😀

  2. I think a good travel blog would be cool, so maybe I should be doing that, too. But this is going to be more from an “art of the sale” perspective directed by & for resort salespeople. Most people don’t even understand what hotel/resort sales is *for*, let alone share an interest in the profession.

    Definitely marketing at hotel sales insiders & professionals on how-to be effective to meeting planners and convention industry folks.

    Like a said, boring, boring, boring. 🙂

  3. I think its a good idea. Every niche needs filling, or something like that. I’m sure others in your industry will enjoy it.

  4. (A boy from our little old village here works with his wife at the Four Seasons in Austin.) I think it’s great when people come up with some little niche that has been overlooked.

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