Limit Access to your blog

Just a helpful suggestion, if you’re going to blog about your job/personal details, you probably want to go ahead and block access from your employer/stalker ex-boyfriend.

You don’t have to have a “private” or password protected site, in many instances a simple addition (or creation) of an .htaccess file will suffice. For the less technically inclined, HTML Basicx has an online .htaccess block access generator. This is not a fail-safe plan, but it certainly beats no plan at all.

6 thoughts on “Limit Access to your blog”

  1. Since I suspect I may be part of the reason for this post, thanks for the suggestion. I agree it is a good idea even if you don’t think your employer is smart enough to do a Google search. Of course I’m dangerously close to reaching that bad attitude point of not caring at all – yeah, some one has to take away my blog access before it really all hits the fan.

  2. Hey, I’ll tell ya right now, I’ve already .htaccess blocked all services from, and I haven’t even badmouthed my peeps! I just don’t need them to know *everything*.

  3. Something tells me a MT Plugin for private posts would be VERY useful… if only I knew anything about writing MT plugins.

    htaccess are VERY handy, though.

  4. What’s funny is the people who come to your website and think that they are anonymous. I could write the book on family members finding my site and lurking or worse yet leaving assinine comments.

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