Happy New Year!

2003 is gone. 2004 is here. Guess it’s time to start double checking my electronic payments to make sure the computer isn’t still writing 2003 on my e-bills!

Merrin and I rang in the New Year with Coopers³ (Camille, Josh, and Mini) at the house. We were hoping to do a bigger par-tay, but circumstances (ie. the flu season of doom) smote our plans and a couple of people couldn’t make it. Their loss, as far as I’m concerned, because we had a pretty good time.

I got to fire up my new copper fire pit (photo) with some pinion wood. It’s supposed to smell extra good when you burn it, but it just kinda smells like fire. We had some finger foods and such and lots of beer (and sparking cider for the mama-to-be!) We spent the night drinking, laughing, and telling “you can’t blog that” stories. For example, someone’s real name is …, someone’s middle name is …, and who knows what about almond oil. I think Josh might take me hunting and Camille might take me shopping with her.

Thanks to Tivo, we got to see the ball drop in Times Square. I can’t believe that we actually missed it and had to go back and relive it. Worse yet, we missed the midnight mark in the Central Time Zone, too! Oh well. After 2004 rang in, we called some folks in Florida and England to celebrate.

On a related note, I’d like to say that living west of the Eastern Time Zone is definitely the way to go for New Year’s Eve. You get to celebrate when the ball drops, and then again locally. You’re pretty much guaranteed at least two kisses! Maybe we should all go out to Hawaii and have New Year’s with Tina, then we could really have a party!

What do I plan on doing in the New Year? Well, pretty much the same thing I did in the old year. No big changes or resolutions to speak of. I will, however, be spending the first two weeks or so of 2004 going around making corny, dad jokes to everyone. For example, “This is the best {{ insert noun }} that I’ve {{ insert verb }} all year!” Yes, it’s stupid, but I bet you’ll think about it when you eat that first sandwich of the year…or that first corn on the cob…etc, etc.

It’s a new year, so go out there and make it be the best year ever.

PS – This is the best post I’ve written all year! 🙂

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  1. You look awfully happy in that photo, Kev! Happy New Year! I missed CST New Year by 5 minutes. But last year, I was asleep at CST New Year, so I think I’m improving. ha!

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