Funniest thing…ever?

Via Pete, Joe Peacock has an story that starting to make it’s way around the internet – not because it’s true/false/absurd/urban legend, but because it very well may be the funniest thing ever written. (Although, after reading the rest of the Joe Peacock stories, I’m pretty sure they are all the funniest thing ever!)


I hadn’t been picked for ANYTHING in my entire life! Every magician, sports semi-hero and clown that had ever come to our school always passed me over when it was time for volunteers. Even that horrid woman on Romper Room left me out when she saw who she saw through the TV screen (COME ON.. my name is JOE. How hard was that to say? It’s the second most common name on the planet. In her so-called ‘Magic Mirror’, she would see Robert, she would see Kelly, she would even see Balthazar – but never Joe. Stupid bitch…).

I was SO excited that I had finally been picked for something, I think a little pee came out.

Read the entire story and check out the other Joe Peacock stories.

Meanwhile, via Kristen, I think I found the perfect prank for my neighbors-to-be.

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