FSU – Miami: The Rematch

2004 Orange Bowl

OK. I admit it – I was having a little trouble getting pumped up for the 2004 Orange Bowl because FSU & Miami just threw down two months ago and the ‘Noles get the ‘Canes to start the season next year. But, I can’t resist it anymore!

Get the Warchant going! Kickoff tonight is at 7:30p (CST). on ABC. Having lost at home to Miami this year in a rainstorm, FSU is ready to hand out a little payback in Miami’s backyard.

The Orange Bowl also has quite the reputation for halftime shows. This year is supposed to be Jessica Simpson, so I think I’ll watch it on slow-mo with the mute on. Just kidding, Merrin has kinda taken a liking to some Jessica Simpson bop songs, so I’ll probably have to listen to it. And this game has something for all you web geeks, too (besides Jessica). The Orange Bowl website is running Gallery for it’s photo collection. 😉


8 thoughts on “FSU – Miami: The Rematch”

  1. For the record, I like Hanson because I thought that one girl was cute. Turns out, she’s not a girl after all, so that was the end of that.

  2. Okay… I’ll root for FSU then. I forgot about football all day again. I hate having a stuffy head. It makes me forget the important stuff. 🙁

    Who’s Jessica Simpson? Never mind… I’ll find out at halftime.

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