Can you hear me now?

If you’re reading this, then the site move should be complete. (At least the first half of the move, anyway.)

Leave some comments so that I’ll know you’re seeing this in your neck of the woods and –just in case I didn’t squish all the bugs– at least we’ll know that the comments are working.

20 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?”

  1. It looks like Merrin’s didn’t make it. Code in the fat green column and her posts in the very skinny white column and errors trying to comment.

  2. Yeah, I was supposed to be the guinea pig. Merrin’s site is still hosted in the same place. Problem is, many of the links on that skin are generated with kevindonahue URLs instead of merrindonahue URLs. I figure we’ll have it all cleared up in a day or so, once the DNS makes it’s way to everyone’s host. ((fingers crossed))

  3. I got an error last night on my second test comment too. I’ll try again. I don’t remember the time…maybe 13 seconds? I’ll count this one down for sure.

  4. Yeah, it’s more like 7 for me, but I don’t know if it could get much better. There are a lot of rebuilds going on during that time (by choice, mind you), for example – the comment xml feed and a couple of other things that I keep just for me. I’m pretty certain it’s faster and should improve as the DNS sinks in across the board.

  5. Speaking to DNS troubles, I’m now at the point where I see the old site @ home and the new site @ work. Yesterday it was just the opposite.

    Did I mention that I hate DNS caches? Anyway….

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