BlogMadness 2003: I’m in

BlogMadness 2003 is just about to fire up and get started.

If you haven’t registered yet, you need to select one post authored by you in 2003. Find the one that…well, the one that you like best, I suppose. BlogMadness is a competition where readers will see two blog entries and vote for the one they…well, the one they like the best, I suppose.

There are no specific criteria as to what makes one post exceptional and another post rather ordinary, so find one that you like or best reflects you and submit it to BlogMadness. (Only one entry per weblog!)

I tried and tried to find something that I thought reflected me. I came up with five posts from 2003 that I really liked. Then, to develop a future alibi, I let Merrin decide which one I should submit.

I submitted, “I’ll take “Torment My Wife” for 1,000, Alex“.

There are currently about 80 blogs participating and they hope to have about 128 before January 21. So, if you’ve got the stuff to whoop me, I suggest you go register for BlogMadness now! In the words of Mills Lang and Barry White, “Let’s get it on!

3 thoughts on “BlogMadness 2003: I’m in”

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  2. Sigh, I wish I had my site in working order. At least it’s back up, I’ve got to start rebuilding now. Looks like a cool contest though.

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