Blogmadness – Round 2

Somehow I made it into the second round of the Blogmadness tournament. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get beat in Round 2 though, because (last time) I only got about 20 votes. So, I really, really need your votes. I could try to be a good sport and tell you to (at least) consider voting for my competition, but that’s really not my style. Vote for me! Please?!

UPDATE: Voting is ongoing through the weekend. You can only vote once. I would really like to win, but I may not – and that’s OK, too. If you have a moment and haven’t voted…. Thanks, y’all!

8 thoughts on “Blogmadness – Round 2”

  1. Your competition’s bandwidth has been exceeded, so I can’t read it. If it comes back up tomorrow, I’ll read it and then decide. Mwuhahahaha. 🙂

  2. Thanks, y’all! Pete & Manny have done a great job in putting the tournament together. At the same time, it’s kinda disappointing that the voting is limited by IP address exclusively. I understand the intent of keeping people from stuffing the ballot box, but one of the results is that –for example– my wife can’t vote for me. (And she claims she would have!)

  3. Kevin, Thanks for pointing out the site. I honestly never know about these “contests”, I guess I’m too far “outside” of most blogspheres to hear about them. I’ve only been getting your RSS feed for a couple of weeks and I also wanted to throw in the “thanks for the good reads”… your’s is one of my normal “daily reads”. And yes, I did vote for you (and I did read both, sorry for not following the ‘just vote’ post until after I had read both articles… ), and I really found your post very enjoyable… anyway, thanks….

  4. Just voted for you. Thanks for the link to the site though. Found a few other blog sites that seem interesting to read as well. Well more interesting then my site at any rate 😉

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