Blogmadness is up and running. The brackets are all set and it’s time to vote. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the tournament with this entry (I’ll take ‘Torment My Wife’ for $1,000, Alex) and I’m up against “Wrapped Up Like A Personality Test” in the SPORTS bracket. (All the brackets have names – they mean nothing – stay with me here, people!)

So, go vote for the better entry. Or, I’ll just save you the time of reading them and say vote for me. I’ve read both the entries and, most humbly, mine is indeed better.

To find my entry, I’m in the #5 versus #13 bracket here in the Sports listings. If you’re voting for me, I appreciate it. If you want to vote for the other guy, click here. (Just kidding!)

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I really have a lot that I need to be doing (ie. packing for SA), but I’m not ’cause I’m still at work. I have a client reception tonight. So, instead of doing all the stuff I need to be doing, let me take another moment to drop a much deserved plug for BlogMadness.

If you aren’t in this tournament of blogs, you need to go register. As I mentioned previously, I’m in and my entry is pretty weak, so you’re guaranteed a chance to boot my butt out of the competition. If you’ve got a blog and you posted in 2003, you’re eligible. You don’t have to be good looking, funny, or particularly smart. Go register! Just a few more days remaining!

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