Whatz up?! or What I’m not really blogging

Work has been a total nightmare this week. Every day has been a different client function and, while they are a lot of fun, big events day in and day out seem to just drain me.

Last night, I got to have four clients out to the resort for an evening of drinks, food, and drinks. And cheesecake. And shots. And then some cordials. It was …quite… an evening. I very rarely have clients out and run too much of a bar tab, but these clients were VIPs and really just wanted to cut loose. I aim to please.

I made it home sometime after midnight-thirty and then it was back to the office early this morning to make sure none snuck out of bed and headed for breakfast. We wrapped up our site tour and then they were off this afternoon.

This afternoon was our manager holiday party. Great food, more drinks, and a lot of laughs. Between the glasses of wine, I realized that I really am blessed with a great job and an exceptional work family. I think it’s a fair trade for them, too, as I’m closing in being up 120% of my sales goal this year. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Sorry for being such a lame blogger. Maybe we’ll catch up a little this weekend.

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