Super Fun Ball

C: How many storms…
K: Three!
J: What? What’s the question?
C: Jeez! How do you know that?
M: (laughing)
C: How many storms converge in the movie The Perfect Storm?
J: How did you get that so fast?
M: He watches that movie a lot.
C: Yeah, but…jeez!

Great time last night with Coopers³. Josh and Camille (& Mini!) came out to “The Mound” for a little Friday night fun. We were planning to go to the new Simply Fondue Flower Mound, but alas…it wasn’t open yet. Instead we went to the greatness that is Fish City. Really, really good food.

The three of ’em ganged up on me pretty early. Apparently I don’t like to order what anyone else is ordering and I don’t like anyone else to order what I’m getting. I hadn’t really given it that much thought in the past, but I guess it’s a pretty well accepted theorem among my pals. So, they almost tricked me into ordering first and thus getting three more of whatever I got. Camille and I ended up with Coconut Shrimp, Merrin with the pasta something or another, and Josh had some shrimp & oysters.

After dinner, we were headed back to the house, but had to treat the Coopers to the abomination that is the worst exterior illumination this side of the Mississippi. We tried to take a picture but I think the whole jacked up 4×4 1970s Ch-evy van interfered. Or maybe it was the early 80’s Ford Pickup/Conversion Camper. Then again, it could have been the plastic illuminated gentleman propositioning the plastic illuminated floozie. Regardless, Josh’s camera just went into overload and we were summarily thwarted.

While we’re on the subject, I never realized what a ham Josh is for the camera. That boy definitely ain’t shy about having his picture taken. He was eating and handed the camera to Camille. The instant it touched her fingertips he was going into full-on model mode. Too funny!

Once we got back to Chez Donahue, Camille & Josh let us open our Christmas present. It was the perfect gift – the DVD edition of Trivial Pursuit. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Anyway, we talked them into playing and proceeded to (almost) run the tables on the poor, unsuspecting Coopers. First, they never should have let Merrin & I team up because –between the two of us– there’s really not a field of trivia or pop culture that we don’t know pretty well.

Second, (and I just found this out last night!), Merrin & I are …competitive… to say the least. It was revealed that we are the Will & Grace of Flower Mound when it comes to games. We had some high-fives, some dancing, you name it. I didn’t realize how bad it was until Josh pointed out that Merrin & I would stand up in preparation for all the pie questions. In the future I think we’re going to have to mix the teams up. Next time Josh and I will have to put a little spanking on the ladies.

We really had a great time. Every time we’ve gone anywhere with the Coopers the time has just flown by. I really enjoyed myself. I’m thinking we should get together again before Christmas and go see some Christmas lights. We can fill our thermos full of egg nog (or whatever!) and hit the town.

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