Shouldn’t we be working…or something?

Back to work on the Monday of Christmas week and there is nothing that even remotely resembles work going on today. A couple of folks are headed off property to do “holiday deliveries” (which is some kind of code for…well, I’m really not at liberty to say). The rest of us are just trying to surf around the internet in browser A while keeping a sharp eye on browser B (which has been sitting unused on an internal corporate webpage for about half an hour).

Perhaps I’ll stumble across a website that will divulge the secrets of life. I’ve also got a huge, multi-colored spreadsheet open — just in case.

Just a couple more days until Christmas break. It sure better hurry – my ADD is really making it hard to get through the morning. If you’re working this week, leave me a comment and let me know what you’re doing to pass the day. If you’re not working, leave me a comment and let me know if anyone wins the Showcase Showdown.

6 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we be working…or something?”

  1. Hmm.. don’t know if I should expose my secret before christmas work habits, after being gone for a week. But who goes.

    1. Firebird tab open to and tabs open to everthing in my blogroll. I have to catch up on 5 days worth of stuff.

    2. Lotus Notes – Email, todo, calendar. Catching up, it was pretty quite while I was out.

    3. DayNotz is up, that were I log all my calls, only about 10 so far this morning.

    4. Trillian is up for all my business contacts of course.

    5. A few SSH to the various servers.

    6. I’m also loading up a PC with all the latest software to send out to the St. Louis office this morning.

    Thats pretty much so far, of course is only 10am. I’ve got another PC to configure and some network wiring issue to resolve. Overall a very quite day it looks like.

  2. I had a LOT of work planned for this week – I thought I was going to be safe – but here it is – not even 2pm and I’m done with everything that needed to get done this week. SO MANY people are out this week – These next few days are going to go SLOWLY. There’s so many thing I can think of that I’d rather be doing than “pretending” to work right now.

  3. Can’t we just go home now?!

    One other MT-related to-do: Update the comment spam blacklist. The most recent version of the list is 12/21/2003 and is available here.

  4. I’m on vacation. I went to Lowe’s, Toys R Us, Vista Ridge Mall, and Bass Pro Shop. Now I’m at home about to wrap more gifts and wait for my estranged husband to get home from work!

  5. The X Window system in UNIX/Linux is great for goofing off. I’ve got a little box at the bottom of my screen which is divided into four parts. These parts are “workspaces”. I can open a browser in one workspace, and something official looking in another. When the boss comes around, I just switch workspaces. No incriminating little title bars at the bottom of the screen! This combined with C.H.I.M.P. makes me nearly invincible.
    Now I can surf the mother of all time wasters confidently.

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