Saturday Fun Links

I’m supposed to be putting up the Christmas tree this weekend (and I will), but Merrin is off to work and it’s not much fun without someone to listen to me cuss the tree, lights, ornaments, etc.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying:

Reality Blurred Weblog – Destined for a place in Merrin’s blogroll. It’s the weblog of reality TV. Genius.

Amazing Race’s Chip & Reichen broke up (from aforementioned weblog) and the new season of the Race starts in late February.

Free Tivo preview disk – one’s already en route to Dad & Brian – and very, very cool holiday Tivo E-cards. I’ve actually snaked one as my desktop image!

Sort Tivo Now Playing List – permalink

Tech TV’s top 20 holiday gift list

Finally … the funniest thing in the history of ever (strong language warning)

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