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Jennifer was in the process of setting up a MoBlog for Sam and asked for suggestions on the best tools over at This triggered a little bell from way back when and I went hunting for the simple way to post to MT via email. That brought me back around to the MT-Plugins site where I re-discovered Charlie’s POP2Blog plugin.

This plugin can be used for plain text posts, text with images, or multiple images. If you have a camera phone and don’t want a whole new MoBlog (Mobile Blog), then this might be a simple way to integrate the two. If you just like to post from work, this might work for you, too! 🙂

The install could be tricky, depending on your server, as you may need to download and install of two other modules ( Aaron Straup Cope’s Net::Blogger and Mark Overmeer’s Mail::Box) to get it working properly. (Or at least I had to download those two.)

The only other “tip” I can suggest is that it might be helpful to send your email in plain text format, if you have such an option. That way none of the HTML formatting ends up being posted to your blog. There is no support for this plugin so backup everything first and let ‘er rip.

3 thoughts on “Post to MovableType via Email”

  1. Hey Kevin, did you get Pop2Blog to work?!? if you did can you e-mail me. it seems like everytime i fix the current problem i either cause a new one or another comes up.

    so, your from seminole county, huh?

  2. Guilty as charged on the Seminole front. Last time I checked, my blood was still garnet & gold. Hmm, now that I think about it, so is the new blog skin. Interesting……..

    Pop2Blog help offline. Any revelations will be posted in comments below.

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