How to Skin Your Website

Kevin answers email:

Dear Kevin: Your new skin is not all that appealing to me. I like that you have options on your site though. I want to do that. How do I skin my website? Thanks, A.

Dear A: First, thank you for the wonderful reaffirmation that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as I love the new skin. I was tempted to tell you to suck it and go away forever, but seeing as how you like the other skin, I will not say that. Oops, I think I did. Oh well.

Presuming you’re still reading, I can’t believe that I never posted “how to skin your site” this before. The answer is simple: Follow Domisticat’s instructions. They were offline for a while, but they are back online again. This is by far the best tutorial. If you are looking for MT-Specific help, Kristine has some pointers as well, but start at Domesticat and work your way to Kristine’s site. Thank you for reading and hope to see you back soon. Kevin.

How to skin your site by Domesticat

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  1. Weird. I was just searching your site yesterday for how to do skins and only found an entry for how to let people go back to default skin. I guess A and I think alike. Except for the opinion that your new skin is unappealing. I like it, and it inspired me to go ahead and redesign my blog. It’ll be ready soon… 😀

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