Help Prevent Spoofed URLs in Internet Explorer

After reading about the new Paypal scam involving spoofed websites, I decided there must be a way to double check websites without jumping through too many hoops. Turns out that the Microsoft website has some advice on identifying spoofed websites on the Microsoft Knowledge Base. (Now if they would only fix the problem!)

I took some of their suggestions and create a bookmarklet that will identify spoofed websites. The javascript was actually written by Microsoft, but putting it into an easy to use bookmarklet was my idea. The script will test the actual source URL against the current page url. If they are different, it may be a spoofed URL.

To use the bookmarklet, simply drag and drop the link to your favorites or links bar. To use it, just click the bookmarklet when you arrive on a suspicios site.

Spook Check Bookmarklet: Spoof Check

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  2. I just spoof checked your blog. 😀 Thanks, Kevin! My website and email are down this morning. I feel so disconnected. :b

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  4. Please Help:
    What do I drag to my bookmark–is it the highlighted link? My dumb is showing! I want to shrink but I’d feel dumber if I didn’t ask!


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