Friday! Friday! Friday!

For some reason or another, I couldn’t sleep last night. Perhaps I’m just too excited for it to be Friday. I’m so ready for the weekend to be here. This week has been hella-busy at work. It seems like anyone and everyone that has ever considered the resort called this week and wants a contract. Don’t get me wrong, this is great for business (and even better for my bonus), it just takes a lot to 20+ corporate groups straight in your mind when you already have three in house. Anyway…it got me thinking: WWPD? What would Paris do? I mean, she’s so good at not working and sabatoging her employers, I wonder what Paris would do if she was in my shoes?

I forgot to post about all the Christmas decorations being up in the house. It looks really good, thanks to Merrin‘s expertise. I’ll post more (and maybe some pics) this weekend. Stay tuned.

Merrin is sending out some presents in the mail today, our first of the 2003 Christmas season. First up is the long distance dedication to an old friend that –despite being in England– has lost the ability to use English; therefore, he can’t email us to tell us whaz up. Bollocks!

Fanblogs is cranking and taking up a large amount of my blog time. I’ve almost got the contributing authors set to the point where I can just sit back and enjoy the project rather than have to worry that it’s going to break down. It’s nice, actually.

OK. Gotta go for now because I have to, like, work or something. More later…perhaps around lunchtime.