Do you know where your Xmas lights are?

OK. It’s December 30th. Do you know where you’re Christmas lights are?

My neighborhood looks a little schizophrenic tonight because some people have their Christmas lights going full blast, some neighbors have them turned off (with the “beautiful” plastic nativity standing proudly in the yard), and some folks have all their lights down. Where do you stand?

Are your lights on/off/down? When do you take your Christmas lights down?

To get the ball rolling, my Christmas lights are up, but turned off. I plan to take them down on New Years Day (or this weekend if I have a hangover!)

7 thoughts on “Do you know where your Xmas lights are?”

  1. I didn’t put any lights outside. I still have my tiny lighted Christmas tree in my living room, though. I turned on the lights in after I wrote the first sentence of this comment and before the second. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t know when I’ll take them down, but I know it won’t be before January 1. Maybe January 2.

  2. I took all ours down the day after Christmas. I hear you’re supposed to keep them up til new years day but I was in one of those cleaning moods.

  3. This is Future pt*:| speaking….
    Well, Kevin, last year we put nary a light up, but this year, we’ve got the front covered. I know you didn’t ask this, but as my electricity bill jumped up to an astronomical high, as husband made up for lost time, you know, lack of Christmas decorating and all last year, so my lights are now off and in storage, as a deterrent to continued billing of kilowatt usage. (Do I know what I’m talking about? No.) I pulled them the day after Christmas. I like to start the new year fresh and clean. Anyhow, it’s a Japanese tradition, maybe even a Chinese one, too, so it all works out.
    So to answer your question: The lights are off and taken down.

    Mahalo for asking.

    Your friend,
    Future PT*:)

  4. Lights are still up, but not turned on. They’ll probably come down this weekend. I’m more interested in getting rid of the christmas theme on my site right now.

  5. Lights are still up and on the hedge in the front but those are provided by our neighbors. Our tree was picked clean of ornaments on Saturday and last night it got carried to the basement along with the nativity and all the other decorations. A Christmas tree after Christmas Day just makes me sad – I don’t know why.

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