Create a “Reviews” sideblog

Via Jennifer, I stumbled across an outstanding tutorial on creating a “Reviews” sideblog using MovableType and the MT-Amazon plugin (and a little code-fu, too!)

Martin has created one of the most detailed, easy-to-follow MovableType tutorials out there. Without this tutorial, this might be a four-hammer kind of project (meaning you better know what you’re doing). But, with this as a roadmap, I really think this is something that everybody can enjoy. I really like the idea of creating the catagories to represent the “stars: for each review! I’m just sorry it took me so long to happen on this awesome guide!

PS – Looks like Christine knew about this way back when. Dang! I’m such a flake.

2 thoughts on “Create a “Reviews” sideblog”

  1. ROFL! I was thinking as I read your post, “I think I’ve been there before…” I still need to actually implement it though – and right now I’m hiatusing for the most part. Maybe in January sometime…

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