Coming Soon?

I have designs on a new…err…design for my blog for 2004. I have used the “nametag” skin for about a year and (despite the emails that I get about it occassionally) it’s starting to look a little less fresh to me. I have plans for something more…I don’t know exactly…different, I guess. I wish it could be something cool and all…graphic-y, but I don’t have those kind of talents. So, it will probably be a simple layout with some type of background image.

I plan to start on it this week and (hopefully) have it wrapped up and ready to roll by Jan 1. If it sucks, I trust you will advise me of said suckage.

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon?”

  1. You’re like Han Solo in Star Wars, Camille. You mock what you don’t understand. Don’t make me go all Obi Wan Kanobi on your ass. 🙂

  2. OK, so since I’m not really working a whole lot, I’ve managed to create a completely new design. I’ve also come to some conclusions about the future of my blog:

    1) The 2004 version of the blog will be -in and of itself- a new blog, which means I’m gonna have to go through and pull the archives from the 2000-2002 blog & the 2003 blog. Not a big deal. More a note to me than to you.

    2) The new blog will definitely see the rebirth of the “sideblog”, but not as a standalone. I’m going to build that right into the regular homepage. Seems odd, I know, but all the cool kids are doing it, so there you go.

    3) We may be (finally) moving hosts. Things are a little slow over here and I think that’s because of the success my host has experienced. I’m hopeful that we can get everything moved shortly. We’ll see.

    4) I’m finally going to start using some of the cooler scripting tools that we’ve been demo-ing at Fanblogs. Most of them exist in the “secret garden” area at Fanblogs, but they are cool nonetheless.

    5) The design & flow of the new blog will be 100% different. The content & ramblings will still suck.

  3. I forgot to mention that the redesigned blog will most definitely cause a fight in the Donahue home, as Merrin has been talking about wanting a redesign for months. Granted, she has no idea what she wants and has never communicated any ideas to me, but I’m certain that I will have “stolen” her idea.

  4. See? I love your nametag design. LOVE it. But I will support your need for change. 😉 By the way, if you need a hosting company… I know of one that a lot of the cool kids use.

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