Christmas Recap

Christmas 2003 went pretty well. Santa was definitely able to find me, despite my attempt to hide in a spiderhole Fort Worth with my in-laws. I ended up with some great new shirts, some much needed boxers, a kick-ass new saw (for the pergola, no doubt), a really great copper fire pit, some cash, and some much needed gift cards. The most surprising (and thoughtful) present was from Merrin the Dogs – who all pitched in and got me a couple of car washes for my new car. I guess they just knew how much I like having my (first ever) new car and wanted to do something nice. Thank you so much to everyone — everything is very appreciated.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that this was our tenth Christmas together. Merrin and I have seen a lot of gifts come and go. Ten years. Wow. That reminds me…our fourth wedding anniversary is just about four months away.

I would say Merrin did pretty well, too. I’ll leave the details to her, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much of her for a while as she’s probably off gaming.

Christmas with Merrin’s mom was awesome (as always!) The rest of the holiday was spent racking up the miles going from my father-in-law’s house to Merrin’s uncle’s and back. In all, it was a great holiday. It was really good to see everyone and kinda hard to leave Merrin’s Mom to come back home.

I got to talk to almost everyone on Christmas, including my Grandparents, which was great. I didn’t end up tracking down the ever elusive Brian & Courtney, but hopefully I’ll get to talk to them this weekend.

Sounds like everyone around the blogosphere had a good holiday, too (although some people are still incommunicado). Here’s a rundown:

Robyn & Todd got a basketball for Christmas – best gift ever!

The Hippie got two My Little Ponies!

Pete spent the holiday with the family…deleting spyware from their computer.

Statia got a new hat and Grommit got a big boy ball!

LoneAggie and his wife (who now blogs!) got a Playstation 2 and they’re getting a new house!

Kevin got to spend time with his ever-expanding family.

Meryl has a spoken version of her Blog Christmas song.

Kim had a great Christmas! Heck, any day with Crescent Rolls is great!

PT had a very Merry F*ing Christmas. I wish I could box up a plasma TV for her today! And a special Christmas present for all of us was an updated photo!

I’d love to hear how your holidays went. I’m sorry if you posted it and I missed it. To all y’all that are incommunicado this week, make sure you give us a recap!

In the words of the classic poet (and Dallas Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones, “I’m telling ya, I hope you do better than you’ve acted under the tree this year with that stocking up there.”


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  1. Ten Christmases? Wow! Sounds like you had a great one this year! I put a recap of mine on my blog just now. 🙂

    BTW… I was gonna trackback, but I can’t find the trackback URL… ??

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