It must be Christmas time!

Right on schedule, my car has decided to celebrate the holidays in it’s traditional way: Breaking down and leaving me stranded.

In the four and a half years I’ve owned it, it’s decided that little hiccups are a good way to help me curb my holiday spending. Besides, there’s nothing like a new ((insert auto part name here)) to make Christmas seem merry.

Today my car decided that it was time for the fuel pump to go dead…in a rough neighborhood…in the rain…40+ miles from home. Forget asking Martha, I’m here to tell you this was definitely not a good thing. I’ve talked about getting that new truck for Christmas, but today was the first day Merrin said, “Please go get a new car.” Well, I very well may, but I want to get mine running first.

It’s not that its going to be “very” expensive, it’s just that this cars pulls these same stunts every year. Once it was $800, once it was $400, once it was $1600, and this one will probably be a couple hundred bucks. It’s kinda making me wonder why I”m so gung-ho to buy another Ford.

I’d like to send a big shout out to Pedro, the awesome tow truck drive from “24 Hour Wrecker Service” in Lancaster. You saved my can today, dude. You were a really good sport (despite the weather) and I would gladly recommend your work to anyone. That being said, I hope I never see you again (in a good way!)

4 thoughts on “It must be Christmas time!”

  1. Dude, you were in Lancaster, you should have called me, you know i’m down in Waxachie!! Make note in case it happens again. hmm.. Ford lets not go there, I’m fairly certain that the red fury will only allow pre 70’s fords into this household 🙂 But you did look good in that Truck at the Fair. Anyway ever need a lift like that again give me call.

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