Is Santa Watching?

I sure hope Ol’ Saint Nick is keeping an eye on me, ‘cuz I’m trying to be on my best behavior.

Merrin had to work this evening, so she was sleeping in when I left for work this morning. Her note for me (she writes me a love letter every day) said that she needed a little cash because she was low & she needed gas in the truck & dinner. Well, I was running a little late and low on cash myself. What to do? What to do?

I took Merrin’s truck up and gassed it up for her. I picked up a few bucks and then headed back to the house so I could go to work. When she awoke, she had a full tank of gas and a couple extra dollars in case she needed something.

Then today (and she doesn’t know this yet) I picked up a new video card for her computer. (Shout out to the sale @ Frys!) I installed it in her PC so she can play her new game on her computer and not have to wait around for time on mine.

Hopefully someone out there is paying attention to all these good deeds. I just need to lay low a little or she’ll start to suspect that I’m just doing it to win points for my Xmas list! 😉

5 thoughts on “Is Santa Watching?”

  1. you two aren’t real, are you? love notes every day? you gassed up the truck and picked up some mula for her – before you went to work? Wow! I see a new truck in your future!!!

  2. ROFL. My wife always leaves me a love note on our door for when I get home from work. I’ve always tried to make it a point to get her gas when I can, that’s something my father was always very big on… so I guess so am I. BTW if you like the F-150 you really need to look at the Tundra… since Toyota did it first.

  3. Kevin? Do you have a older brother? A younger brother, even… lol

    I used to stick little notes in my husband’s lunchbox… must be where I went wrong.

    My Ex would leave me with an empty tank and I had to give him money…lol…. every year I had to beg and plead him to check the radiator to see if it had enough anti-freeze… he was the one driving my truck, finally the year I was pregnant I didn’t say a word… he spent half a day taking it off the truck and thawing it out in the bathtub… from then on the neighbors teased him into checking it!!
    Hey Cowboy… you going to give your radiator a bath again this year? …

    Merrin, yours is a keeper, but then so are you!!

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