FSU blanks Notre Dame

FSU whips Notre Dame

FSU absolutely torched Notre Dame in front of Touchdown Jesus and everybody. This was a shocking game and I know some Irish jaws were on the floor. Notre Dame looked like a high school team against the ‘Noles. Why? Well, FSU had something to prove. The Seminoles destroyed Wake Forest last week and then blasted Notre Dame in front of all the East Coast sports writers to send a message: Give FSU a shot.

Did it work? Well, maybe. Miami lost badly to Virginia Tech. That was a shock. Were it a close loss, it would have hurt FSU, but I have to think that such a blowout will help the Seminoles vault the ‘Canes. Florida beat UGA – and that really helped. Georgia is now done in the National Championship and that’s one team that was in front of FSU that is now gone, gone, gone. Southern Cal had an impressive win and I think they will jump over the ‘Noles to take the #2 position in the BCS (we’ll have to wait & see for sure).

Long story short: FSU needs help. The ‘Noles have to win the rest of their games. I’m nervous about that, but it’s definitely do-able. Someone needs to shut down the Trojans or they are probably in the National Title game with OU. I’m presuming that no one is going to beat Oklahoma between now and January. They are dominating. The Seminoles need just one bounce and they’re headed to the Sugar Bowl. Will it happen? Can’t say yet but we’ll see. It’s going to be a great November!