FSU celebrates another win over the GatorsFSU 38 UF 34

You know how you flip the light switch and you just inherently know the light is going to come on? That’s the way we watch the FSU-Florida game every year. Sometimes it’s close, sometimes it’s not, but –more times than not– that light still comes on.

Last night’s win over the Gators was sweet. It was the Noles fifth win over UF in the last six games. Hopefully some of my Gator friends will be checking in at some point. Just y’all come on over if you want to watch that one again on DVD. Now it’s time for the boo-hooing that always follows a Florida loss. They’ve really gotten so good at it. Close calls, huge hits, last minute scores…shut up Florida fans and look right there…scoreboard.

Next up for the Seminoles is a BCS game. Not sure where just yet and no one will know until next weekend. It would be a lot of fun to see the Granddaddy of College Football play in the “Granddaddy of them all” (The Rose Bowl). That’s a possibility for sure. FSU will either get the Fiesta, Orange, or Rose. Can’t…hardly…wait.

In the meantime, UF sucks…of course.

2 thoughts on “CHOMPED!”

  1. For what it’s worth (and isn’t much at all, really), here are a few pictures from the “brawl” that took place after the game between the Gator thugs and the victorious Noles (1, 2).

    Not sure what sucks more for Florida: losing the game or losing the brawl?

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