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Who would have ever thought that she would have a belly ring?!

See ya this weekend?

Finally, somewhere I can get some damn bait.

My friend B.Finn @ UTA (who has no blog) commented at Merrin’s regarding the replay of the Da Vinci Code special: “I wonder why WFAA thought Dale Hansen would be more popular that Jesus?” Why indeed, Finn.

Go Frogs!

Gameboy Killer?

What exactly is the etiquette for sharing your deer blind with a skunk?


It was fall here for like…2 minutes. Fall’s on it’s good behavior for her.

One million Tivos can’t be wrong.

Private whispers for MT?

I need Molly to go with me next time I need shots!

Hey, big spender, spend a little of that on me!

Just tell me…good or not good. I don’t want details, but I gotta know if I gotta go.

Finally, Fanblogs had 62K+ visits last month. Not too shabby. November looks like it’s on pace to double that. And the Genius has a new design at his sport hacienda! Cool!

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