Attn: Children of Flower Mound

You listening, little Flower Mound kids??

You suck. I bought all this freakin’ candy and I have bags and bags of it left over. You little kids need to tough it out when you’re trick or treating. None of this hit one street and go home crap. Get yourself a wagon and you tell your dad to drag you to every house in the neighborhood. You don’t go home ’cause your bag is full, you get yourself a second bag!

I am so worried about our future generations. C’mon, kids! You can do better!

7 thoughts on “Attn: Children of Flower Mound”

  1. I just have to think that these kids wimped out. In my day, we’d go out two or three times. We’d bring home the first load of candy. Then we would go out and get another bag full while my Mom would sort through the first bag.

    These kids just aren’t tough enough. On the flip side, we did only have little little kids this year. No teen agers that wanted like 39 pieces of candy (and of course you have to give in otherwise they’ll roll your house.)

  2. I love getting trick-or-treaters but I’m usually disappointed with the turnout. This was finally our year to break double digits on the ghouls and ghostie count. There are several houses on our street that give out candy but because there are only houses on one side of the street (football field on the other) these kids don’t usually come down our way. The ones we did get this year came in cars. In years past the saddest thing has been when I’ve bought a bunch of candy and could see the groups of kids at the end of our street but they refused to walk the 150 feet for the candy pay off.

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