And here’s another one to Drew

I had a great time last night at a little reunion of a bunch of my old hotel mates. Everyone got together at this little bar/restaurant called “Up in Smoke” in the booming burg of Keller. Pretty cool place. They had a band there, too – but they really were pretty awful (even on the one song we could recognize!)

It was so good to get to see so many of my old friends. Lynn even shocked us all and flew in from Toronto to be there! Everyone is doing pretty well and a lot of beer was shared by all. I just can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen some of those people. A few of my friends couldn’t make it, but hopefully they can next time. We all made plans to try to get together at least one more time before the holidays.

After a few (too many?) beers, we loaded up and went to the old hotel. While it probably wasn’t the finest measure of our social graces, it was an awful lot of fun to turn up some drinks in the hotel bar. (Plus it seemed like they could really use the business, so maybe it was win-win?)

I had a great time, y’all. Can’t wait to do it again.