Trick or Treat Time

In an hour or so, it will be time to start opening the door to all the little neighborhood ghosts and goblins. This is our first halloween in the new neighborhood and I have no foggy idea what to expect. I went to Wal-Mart and bought at least a dumptruck full of candy. I have no idea how many kids live in the neighborhood, but I certainly don’t want to have to run out and get some more candy at 7:30p.

There’s a report out this week that says the average American family spends $14.41 on Halloween candy.

Can that even be right? Even if you were to buy total crap-o-la candy (like those peanut butter “drops” in black & orange wrappers) and even if you bought it all on sale (like the after-Halloween sale and then let it just sit for a year), I’m hard pressed to come out spending less than $30. This year blew that way out of the water. So if I’m on the high side, how much are you spending for candy?

Let’s hope that we have some trick-or-treaters this year. Otherwise, I’m going to end up in diabetic shock!! I love you, mini-Snickers!

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Time”

  1. We dropped about $27 at Tarjhet last night and already had some on hand…$14.41? P-shaw! Our little gobblins just started showing up. I was starting to panic!

  2. $0.00 – the husband went deer hunting in West Texas, and I was supposed to be in Miami. But I didn’t even have one knock. Which is okay with me being I live in an apt. and don’t know anyone else who lives here.

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