Tiger mauls Roy at Las Vegas Show

I hope he’s doing better, but magician/illusionist Roy Horn was mauled by a nine-year-old tiger during last night’s ‘Siegfried & Roy’ show. He was hurt pretty badly; otherwise I would make some joke about glitter pants or something. (I reserve the right to make a joke at a later date).

It was the tiger’s first ever appearance on stage. According to FoxNews.com:

People attending the show Friday night at The Mirage said the tiger lunged at Horn shortly after he led it on stage, and that he tried to beat the animal off with a microphone.

“We honestly thought it was part of the show, we didn’t know what was going on,” said Sharna Wiblen, who was in the audience. Andy Cushman, also in the audience, said Horn “looked like a rag doll” as the tiger dragged him off the stage.

The illusionist was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery to the neck area, Horn’s longtime manager, Bernie Yuman, said Saturday. He said Horn’s doctors said the surgery went as expected and that Horn was in critical but stable condition.

Scary stuff. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

3 thoughts on “Tiger mauls Roy at Las Vegas Show”

  1. I do hope that he recovers, and with little (or no) damage.

    Now…don’t take this wrong. I’m not being insensitive, or trying to be rude, but it was a TIGER. Why do people think they can really domesticate a wild animal? Its on tv all the time – How someones wild animal, that they trained, turned on them and attacked them.

  2. I also am hoping for roy’s recovery. I am also concerned as to the well being of their animals, I had heard that there was concern from PETA claiming that these animals were mistreated. Somehow I don’t think that they were mistreated I think that the tiger was simply being a tiger. I don’t beleive that there was any intent on the cat’s part to be bad it was just going on the instinct that was born into it.
    Maybe this was a sign that we should leave wild animals in the wild.

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