The new Dallas Stars Jersey

Candy had the link posted in her forums, but the Dallas Stars have unvieled their third jersey. It’s meant to be a special, alternate jersey for special occassions. (ie. Another way to make some jersey sales revenue)

The current jersey was the alternate jersey years ago, but it was so popular with the fans that it became “the” jersey. I’m afraid that won’t be the case with the new one. (In fact, the Stars have “promised” that this will not become their new regular jersey — please, please keep your promise, Dallas Stars!)

Check it out….

One of the posters on Candy’s site (Zenfrog) described it as the “fallopian tubes and a uterus with stars jersey”.

Yeah. It’s that bad.

You decide, the current jersey or the alternate:

The Greatness of the Stars Jersey fallopian tubes and a uterus with stars jersey

C’mon, people. Let me hear from ya.

7 thoughts on “The new Dallas Stars Jersey”

  1. Yikes! Add this to the growing list of unfortunate third jersey designs – come to think of it, does any team have a really good third jersey? I liked the Blue Jacket’s third jersey until I realized that it mixes black and navy blue. If it didn’t have the stupid draw tie in the front maybe I could get past it. Still with the initals C.B.J. I suppose our third jersey could have been much more provacative.

  2. I like it. The red adds dimension that the original never had. Dimension. I think it’s eye catching without crossing the line of being grotesque. As for the female anatomy goes, just be glad it’s not a big shooting star with two little stars, or a drag racecar, or a banana, or penis. I had not noticed the female organs before you pointed them out to me. So I’m ok with it. Anyway, who really cares about hockey anyway? It’s only fun if you actually attend the games. It’s regional, and difficult to watch on television. Frankly, I’d rather watch NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, golf, curling, chess, national spelling bee, pente tournament. Oh yeah, where can I buy one?

  3. Definitely stick with the original jersey…the alternate one is just ugly…and yes is does look like certain organs, and that makes it funny! The other jersey is so much better, it’s a classic!!

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