The life you risk could be your own

A little marriage experiment since the wife is working tonight:

I wanted to surprise her with a little “see how thoughtful I am” treat. I hit the library, signed up for a card, and checked out two books by her favorite author. (She’s been kinda book starved since leaving B&N.)

In my haste to surprise her, I forgot to reload the dishwasher after I unloaded it. (Hey! It was a spur of the moment decision and being thoughtful cannot wait or the moment may pass!)

So the experiment is this: Will she love the thoughtful goodies, or will she rage about the few dishes?

Stay tuned!

PS – I may be included in a piece published on tomorrow. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “The life you risk could be your own”

  1. ROFL. I’m glad she commented with the results. Isn’t it those little predicaments that make marriage so interesting. Us men can never get it all right 🙂

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