The GREAT State Fair of Texas

We hit the road last night for more fun with those Dallas folks (Camille, Josh, & Shelby) for a trip to the “Great State Fair of Texas“. We had a great time and lots of stick food. It’s really amazing what you can order on a stick these days. I had two Corny Dogs (awesome!) and I even tried Josh’s fried Oreos. The fried oreos were surprisingly good.

It was our first trip out with Shelby. She’s really cool! I hope we get to do more stuff with her before too long.

Josh took a lot of pictures, so I guess something embarrassing will show up on his website shortly. If it’s anything too damning, then maybe I can guilt him into helping with my construction project. I’ll even let him be the foreman.

I had an awesome time and hope we can all get together again soon! Thank’s y’all!

5 thoughts on “The GREAT State Fair of Texas”

  1. Mini Cooper did very well last night, considering all the various “Fair smells”.

    We tried the fried twinkie after you two left. It tasted like fried cake. It was okay.

  2. Thanks…I thought y’all were rather cool as well!

    Fried Twinkie- it was okay. I liked it.

    I look forward to another outing!

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