Staying Updated

Merrin has been able to stay in touch with her friends all over the world. Be it London or Baghdad or Tampa, Merrin gets emails all the time because she’s good at staying in touch with everyone’s email address and such.

Well, I suck at keeping everyone up to date. If you’re not in my inbox from the last week or two, I probably don’t know your email address. (Especially if you change it a lot). So, in an effort to be slightly more organized, I downloaded Plaxo.

It’s a cool little app that’s making the rounds in the “sales circles” at work because it automates your contact information and keeps everyone current. It’s free and can work online (so you have access to your friends’ info even when you’re away) or via Outlook/Outlook Express.

Just about anybody can use it. Cool! So, if you got an email from me today, you now know why. If you didn’t, it’s not because I don’t like you. I either: a) don’t know you, or b) forgot your email address. So, let’s stay updated, OK?