NFL Network coming in November

Beware football fans, the NFL Network is coming to a cable/satellite provider near you on Election Day, November 4, at 8pm ET.

DirecTV subscribers will get NFL Network free as part of the basic packages.

What is the NFL Network?

The first 24-hour, seven-day-a-week cable and satellite television network dedicated solely to the NFL and the sport of football. NFL Network will feature original programming, the 100 million-foot film library of NFL Films, and preseason games (beginning in 2004). NFL Network is a gathering place for all elements of football. The fans, players, owners, coaches, officials, teams and the league will congregate daily on NFL Network.

Oh, so like NFL Gameday and Classic Sports, but on crack? Exactly.

8 thoughts on “NFL Network coming in November”

  1. I am so excited about NFL network. How can I find out the address for their studio here in Los Angeles. I would love to work for this Network here in Los Angeles, but am stumped about how to contact anyone. Can you help?


  2. According to the NFL Network website:

    “We currently are fully staffed, but we invite you to email your resume to and tell us about your area of expertise. We’ll keep it on file and if an opening arises, we may contact you.”

    Good luck!

  3. Tough to say. I have DirecTV and it’s free for me, so I’m happy. Cable has a way of finding a fee for everything, though.

  4. When will COX Cable get the NFL Network Channel.What channel will it be on in the San Diego area for COX cable.

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