More press for Senor Kev

I’ve had a good time chatting this week with freelance writer Chris Ulbrich. Chris has written a few stories for on technology as well as a couple of magazines and newspapers. He seems like a genuinely good guy. We spent some time exchanging thoughts on comment spam in blogs. He seems to understand the problem and is (hopefully) going to help explain comment spam so that everyone that has a blog will “get it” and take action now.

2 thoughts on “More press for Senor Kev”

  1. Sorry to post this in your comments – but my email is hosed. Actually so are a lot of sites. Anything hosted on hostingmatters – or blogomania – they need to go here to check out what’s going on: Can you do me a HUGE HUGE favor and post that in case anyone comes by that’s shut out at the moment?

  2. Wow this is getting semi-serious. Its such a pain. I consider myself fortunate that I have only gotten 1 or 2 a day most days. I hope the community unites and fights this off.

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